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Random | Back to School Supplies… British style?

You knew I had something like this coming, didn’t you? I just couldn’t resist, I truly had to compile this baby as soon as ‘Back to School’ hit the scene… just like it does every single year. Shall we get into the products themselves?

All stuff will be from Amazon, as it is easier for people outside the UK to get the exact products. + click the image to be redirected to the page!

I actually have a bag that is very similar to this. I use it everyday to uni and it’s really easy to throw on and go. £9.95 – BARGAIN!

It’s the freaking CUTE factor! I love this Beatles ‘Help!’ pencil case. I’m biased though… I love it (yeah, yeah, yeah)! – £9

Union Jack Ballpoint Pen, Laser Cut, Beautiful Design

Write in style and show your mates who’s boss! For 1.99, you certainly cannot go wrong!

Dr Who A6 Notebook

Exterminate bad grades with this Dalek notebook. – It’s super snazzy! – £2.99

London Underground Map Printed Pencils Set (4) -LON1263A

Choose your line and grab the tube! Awesome set of 4 pencils for £4.99!

Organisation is key, so don’t forget to buy an Academic Diary/Filofax! This London 2012 one is £6.99.

Random | United Kingdom – Get to know it better!

he United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland[nb 5] (commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The country includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland and many smaller islands. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that shares a land border with another sovereign state—the Republic of Ireland. Apart from this land border the UK is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea.

The United Kingdom is a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of London. It is a country in its own right[10] and consists of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The latter three of these are devolved administrations, each with varying powers,[11][12] based in their capital cities Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff respectively. Associated with the UK, but not constitutionally part of it, are three Crown Dependencies.[13] The United Kingdom has fourteen overseas territories.[14] These are remnants of the British Empire which, at its height in 1922, encompassed almost a quarter of the world’s land surface and was the largest empire in history. British influence can still be observed in the language, culture and legal systems of many of its former territories.

The UK is a developed country and has the world’s seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. It was the world’s first industrialised country[15] and the world’s foremost power during the 19th and early 20th centuries.[16] The UK remains a great power with leading economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence.[17] It is a recognised nuclear weapons state and its military expenditure ranks fourth in the world.[18]

The UK has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since its first session in 1946. It has been a member of the European Union and its predecessor the European Economic Community since 1973. It is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Council of Europe, the G7, the G8, the G20, NATO, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Trade Organization.

File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

UK Flag, also known as Union Flag (it is only called Union Jack when it is flown at sea)


File:Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg

Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom

(I don’t own the rights to the video)


Makeup | O.P.I.’s very own ‘Great Britain, Great Nails!


Celebrate the Jubilee in style with this super hot OPI Great Britain, Great Nails Jubilee Collection. This limited edition collection contains three very British hues that will have you looking like the Queen of the party!

Treat your perfect ten to some royal styling with this OPI Great Britain, Great Nails Jubilee Collection. This trio of must have hues will have you ready to celebrate the Jubilee in style. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on your limited edition pack before everyone else does!

This pack contains the following products:

  • OPI Red Nail Lacquer-15ml
    The shade that started it all, this OPI Red hue will take you from public to princess in minutes!
  • OPI Happy Anniversary Nail Lacquer-15ml
    Well Happy Anniversary to you! This glittery silver is the perfect party hue.
  • OPI Blue My Mind Nail Lacquer-15ml
    This sizzling sapphire hue will certainly blow your mind!

Fashion | Union Flag Nails! (video by Creativenailart)

I don’t own the rights to this video.