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Random | Back to School Supplies… British style?

You knew I had something like this coming, didn’t you? I just couldn’t resist, I truly had to compile this baby as soon as ‘Back to School’ hit the scene… just like it does every single year. Shall we get into the products themselves?

All stuff will be from Amazon, as it is easier for people outside the UK to get the exact products. + click the image to be redirected to the page!

I actually have a bag that is very similar to this. I use it everyday to uni and it’s really easy to throw on and go. £9.95 – BARGAIN!

It’s the freaking CUTE factor! I love this Beatles ‘Help!’ pencil case. I’m biased though… I love it (yeah, yeah, yeah)! – £9

Union Jack Ballpoint Pen, Laser Cut, Beautiful Design

Write in style and show your mates who’s boss! For 1.99, you certainly cannot go wrong!

Dr Who A6 Notebook

Exterminate bad grades with this Dalek notebook. – It’s super snazzy! – £2.99

London Underground Map Printed Pencils Set (4) -LON1263A

Choose your line and grab the tube! Awesome set of 4 pencils for £4.99!

Organisation is key, so don’t forget to buy an Academic Diary/Filofax! This London 2012 one is £6.99.

Discover London | Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club is a jazz club which has operated in London since 1959.

The club opened on 30 October 1959 in a basement at 39 Gerrard Street in London’s Soho district. It was managed by musicians Ronnie Scott and Pete King. In 1965 it moved to a larger venue nearby at 47 Frith Street. The original venue continued in operation as the “Old Place” until the lease ran out in 1967, and was used for performances by the up-and-coming generation of musicians.

Zoot Sims was the club’s first transatlantic visitor in 1962, and was succeeded by many others (often saxophonists whom Scott and King, tenor saxophonists themselves, admired, such as Johnny Griffin, Lee Konitz, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt) in the years that followed. Many UK jazz musicians were also regularly featured, including Tubby Hayes and Dick Morrissey who would both drop in for jam sessions with the visiting stars. In the mid-1960s, Ernest Ranglin was the house guitarist. The club’s house pianist until 1967 was Stan Tracey. For nearly 30 years it was home of a Christmas residency to George Melly and John Chilton’s Feetwarmers. In early 1969, The Who premiered Pete Townshend’s rock opera “Tommy” at the club. It was the site of Jimi Hendrix’s last live performance.

Scott regularly acted as the club’s Master of Ceremonies, and was (in)famous for his repertoire of jokes, asides and one-liners. After Scott’s death, King continued to run the club for a further nine years, before selling the club to theatre impresario Sally Greene in June 2005.

In 2009 Ronnie Scott’s was named by the Brecon Jazz Festival as one of 12 venues which had made the most important contributions to jazz music in the United Kingdom, and finished third in the voting for the initial award.

News | Tower Bridge lits up… for Gold has been conquered

One of London’s most iconic landmarks, which also boasts a giant set of Olympic rings, will be lit up with golden lights each night a Team GB athlete claims top spot in their event.

It led to a stunning sight on the River Thames at 10pm last night, as pictures illustrate.

This is one of several ways the country will celebrate British success, alongside souvenir stamps which will be released as early as a day after a gold medal is won.

Today, stamps in honour of Wiggins, Glover and Stanning are already on sale across the country.

 GB’s golden rowers have a stamp in their honour (Picture:PA)

Royalty also got in on the action as Windsor Castle was illuminated with iconic images from past rowing races last night.

Designer Ross Ashton said: ‘I was approached by Locog and Windsor because they wanted to celebrate the feeling and emotion of rowing by taking images from real races and victories.

‘We couldn’t have had a better day to turn to turn the projection on and it is an honour to have my work on Windsor Castle.’

The images will also be on display tonight, tomorrow and Saturday from 9:45pm.

Team GB will hope to add to yesterday’s two gold medals later today, as Sam Townsend and Bill Lucas compete in the final of the men’s double sculls, while Britain’s men’s lightweight fours and women’s eights are also in action at Eton Dorney.

British Makeup | Barry M’s ‘Jewel Britannia’ – LIMITED EDITION

Proud to be british


This nail varnish is truly wonderful. It embodies the British spirit so well I get all giddy inside when I see it online! (crazy, I know…) Anyways, this is going to be my first Barry M product and a very special one at that… And it’s only £2.99! Get it from Boots or from the Barry M website – and hurry up!, it’s limited edition. Get your hands on this gem!

News | “Troops, students and teachers fill gaps left by stadiums’ empty seats ” [The Independent]

Sponsors faced growing criticism over unused tickets at Olympic venues after a number of events took place with empty seats.

Games boss Lord Coe said troops, students and teachers were filling gaps left in stadiums, while others ticketholders could be upgraded.

Events including tennis, swimming, basketball and rowing have been affected.

Tickets for double sessions, such as those for hockey, basketball, water polo and handball, are also being recycled and re-sold as people leave.

There were reports of fans who were in the Park on a £10 day pass securing £90 men’s basketball tickets for the US vs Croatia for £5.

Twitter users posted pictures of venues that appeared not even half full.

Jane Carruthers tweeted a photo at Wimbledon, writing: “Our view on No.1 – ridiculous amount of empty seats.”

Claire Howe, 25, from Cheshunt, applied for about ten events in the first round, including cycling and athletics, but missed out and will travel to Cardiff to watch the final Great Britain men’s football group match.

Ms Howe, a marketing executive, said: “It’s unfair that you apply, you don’t get tickets and then see you all these empty seats.

“The Games is all about inspiring the next generation so these places should be given away to children from local community.

“They should be finding out why his is happening and maybe fining people who didn’t turn up, even if they are corporate – it’s not fair to the people who applied.”

Lord Coe, London 2012 chairman, said: “It’s not easy to ask people (in the accredited Olympic family) at the beginning of the Games to ask people exactly how, where and when they’re going to be in those seats.

“This morning was a very good example, we looked at gymnastics, we could see at this moment there are empty seats in the accredited area – the rest of the venue is looking pretty good this morning, there’s a good atmosphere. So we were able to move those troops from – I’m not quite sure whether they were on a rest period or whether it was a transition from work through to a rest period – but they’re sitting there enjoying the gymnastics. We can and we have moved them in there.

“Yesterday, we got pre-accredited students and teachers from the local boroughs. We were able to put 115, 120 into a venue.”

He added: “We can clearly sell more tickets, which we did yesterday. We sold something like 1,000 tickets over three sessions. The other thing is we can tactically upgrade and move people. On handball yesterday, we recycled just under 300 tickets, about 283 tickets, and they went out to adults at £5 and children at £1.”

Shadow Olympics minister Dame Tessa Jowell said: “Anyone who is lucky enough to have tickets to the Games should either use them or give them up.

“I am pleased to see that unused tickets are now being distributed to members of our armed forces, local teachers and students. It is important that this process is stepped up to ensure that every single available ticket is offered to somebody who will use it.”

Olympics 2012 | The Opening Ceremony is today! + what to expect

Wherever you are, I just hope you have a fine evening and enjoy the Opening Ceremony (if you can watch it live, then awesome!). If not, why not throw a party and enjoy a couple of amazing meals with our friends in honour of the Olympics?


Receiving the Head of State

The Head of State of the Host Country is received at the entrance of the Olympic Stadium by the President of the IOC. For the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Her Majesty the Queen will be greeted by Jacques Rogge.

Parade of Athletes

A procession of the participating teams in the Stadium, nation by nation. Teams enter in alphabetical order, according to the language of the Host Country, apart from the Greek team, which enters first for the Olympics, and the team of the Host Nation (in this case Team GB), who march in last.


Once all the nations have arrived into the Stadium, LOCOG Chair Seb Coe will give a speech, followed by Jacques Rogge. They will end their speeches by inviting the Head of State to officially declare the Games open.

Olympic Anthem and Flag

Once the Games have been declared open, the Olympic Flag is then carried into the Stadium and hoisted into the air as the respective Anthem is played. The Olympic Charter states that each flag must fly for the entire duration of the Games – placed in a prominent position in the main Stadium.


A participating athlete, judge and coach from the Host Nation stand on the rostrum and, holding a corner of the IOC flag in their left hand and raising their right, take the Oath, vowing to compete and judge according to the rules of their respective sport,.

The Torch and Cauldron

The big finale is the entrance of the Olympic Flame into the Stadium. It is passed through the athletes to the final Torchbearer, who will ceremoniously light the Cauldron, indicating the beginning of the Games. The Flame will continue to burn for the whole of the Games.

Creative team

A host of world-class British directors and producers are leading the artistic team to stage the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.


A total cast of 15,000 will take part in the London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which will be watched by an estimated audience of four billion.


London Olympics 2012 | Travelling, Accommodation, Food, Security + what you need to know!

(please bear in mind that all the info presented here can be found at Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay!)

  • To plan a journey in London on days when you’re not going to a London 2012 sports event or ceremony, use the Transport for London website

From (image is just an example of a hotel bedroom – it isn’t the picture of one of the several Holiday Inns)


  • You can find out more about accommodation during the London 2012 Games and search for accommodation near to venues on the Visit London website
  • VisitBritain has over 37,000 places from across the UK listed in its accommodation directory. – VisitBritain website
  • Holiday Inn is the official hotel provider of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • For information on accessible accommodation across the UK, go to the dedicated pages for disabled and elderly people on the VisitBritain website


  • If you’re not a UK resident, contact your local National Olympic Committee or Authorised Ticket Reseller about ticket and accommodation packages.


For the prohibited items list, please download the following document in .pdf form:


To download the London Sample 2012 Menu, please download the following .pdf document:


Know Your Stuff | British Festivities/Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1

Celebrates the new year by having a first footer step over the threshold.


Twelfth Night – January 5

Celebrated the night before Epiphany, it is tradition to take down your Christmas tree to avoid having bad luck.

Candlemas Day – February 2

This day marks the middle of the winter season – from the shortest day of the year to the Spring Equinox. This day also celebrates the cleansing of Mary.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

This day is celebrated with the giving of gifts, as well as writing verses of love in newspapers and magazines for your special someone.

St. David’s Day (Wales) – March 1

St. David’s day is to celebrate the man, Dewi Sant, who spread Christianity throughout Wales.


St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

Though this is an Irish holiday, the English will also celebrate with parades and parties.

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) – Day Before Lent – March/April

Many celebrate this day by eating pancakes, as they contain many ingredients that are inappropriate for lent.

Lent – March/April

The first day of lent is 40 days before Easter. Many people give up something they enjoy during lent.

Mothering Sunday – 4th Sunday of Lent – March/April

Mothering Sunday is a day where children generally honor their mothers by giving them a gift and a card.

Maundy Thursday – Thursday Before Easter – March/April

Remembered as the day Jesus had his last supper.

Easter – March/April

Many people go to church on this sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. This day is also celebrated by the giving of eggs.

April Fool’s Day – April 1

Much like other countries with this holiday, it is a day where people play practical jokes on each other.

St. George’s Day (England’s National Day) – April 23

Celebrating with parades, some people celebrate St. George who is said to have defeated a dragon.

May Day – May 1

This day is celebrated beautifully with may poles and flowers.

Trooping the Colours – Sometime in June

Trooping the Colours is celebrated every year with the British Army and the regiments of the Commonwealth performing a ceremony.

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament – Sometime in June

People attend the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

Swan Upping – Third Week of July

Many celebrate this day by going to the River Thames and watching a procession of swans and traditional boats.

Notting Hill Carnival – Last Monday in August

On this day, there is a street festival that millions go to see and participate in every year.

Harvest Festival – On or Near the Sunday of the Harvest Moon

A day to celebrate the growth of crops on the land.

Halloween – October 31

A day where people dress up, bob for apples and have bonfires.

Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Day) – November 5

This day is in celebration of the failed gunpowder attempt to blow up the house of Parliament in 1605. It is celebrated with fireworks at night.

Remembrance Day – November 11

This day recognizes the end of WWI. Many people wear a poppy in their pocket in remembrance.

St. Andrew’s Day – November 30

Advent – December 1-24

On the first 24 days of December, Advent celebrates the coming of Jesus.

Christmas – December 25

This day is celebrated by friends and family by giving gifts and going to a special Sunday service at church.

Boxing Day – December 26

Traditionally, this is the day that servants were able to celebrate Christmas, as they were serving their masters the day before.

Discover London | London Dungeon

I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to these kinds of rides, that’s for sure, but I’d really like to check this one out. I do have a fascination with everything related to Jack the Ripper… I hope that is not too weird. I just love reading about it! Then again, I love crime fiction… I guess my fascination for the bloody killer comes from my love of books!
Exciting, scary and fun – Delve into the ancient capital’s bloody history at the London Dungeon. We know that when it comes to history – the horrible bits are the best. Experience live actors, dark history, thrilling rides and special effects… are you brave enough to face 90 minutes of London’s goriest past?
Prepare to face the most sinister characters from our past, from serial killer Jack the Ripper, barber Sweeney Todd and regal Bloody Mary. Feel the shadow of the black plague and the fearsome torture chamber.
Plus, with three thrilling rides, there is something for the whole family: Traitors Gate underground boat ride; Vengeance, the UK’s first 5D laser ride and the ever popular Extremis Drop Ride.
Enter the world of The Dungeons and take a journey with twists, turns, screams and laughter – a fun day out, unlike any other.
I don’t own the rights to this video!
The London Dungeon Attraction has London’s most horrible history, brought to life with 14 shows, live actors, special effects and 3 thrilling rides! On your tour you will encounter:

1. The Crypt

The Crypt is the start of your dark trip into the horrible depths of the London Dungeon. Be sure to heed the keeper’s advice…

2. Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Those who dare enter the Labyrinth may wander this way and that, but there is no escape! And worse spirits still haunt this maze of tunnels, will you spot one?

3. The Great Plague

Bring out your dead! It is 1665, and London is in turmoil as the dreaded Black Death lays waste to the population. Walk through the corpse-filled streets as the panic and horror infect all around you!

4. The Great Fire of London

Enter the Great Fire of London rampaging through the city of London, turning everything in its wake to cinders. Travel back to 2nd September, 1666 and experience the burning reality of the day that left 200,000 people destitute!

5. Surgery: Blood & Guts

Hold on to your stomach as you enter the filthy makeshift operating room of Tooley Street’s blundering butcher surgeon, where history’s most horrific blood soaked surgery is performed in graphic, gangrenous detail… on even the most unwilling of patients!

6. The Torture Chamber

London’s torturer always finds a way to get you talking, whether with the hook, the castrator, the jaw breaker, or the creeping agony of the rack. Maybe he’ll  loosen your tongue the hard way, with the tongue-tearer!

7. The Courtroom

It is the middle of the 18th Century and England’s justice system is harsh, unpredictable and frequently lethal. Some 220 offences are punishable by death. Pray the judge has pity on your soul. Your sentencing and fate await you!

8. Bedlam

Face the inmates of one of London’s first asylums: infamous for driving the slightly eccentric to the depths of insanity! Quick, they’re waking up. Move along before you cause bedlam!

9. Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell

In the deepest, darkest depths of London a deadly nightmare awaits, as you travel through the underground tunnels on this ricky boat ride.

10. Sweeney Todd’s Barber

Visit Mrs Lovett’s 1785 pie shop before receiving a short back and sides at the infamous Fleet Street barber shop owned by the demon barber Sweeney Todd.

11. Vengeance

You’re invited to 50 Berkeley Square, the most haunted house in London. Join us as Florence Cook contacts the ghosts who want Vengeance upon YOU!

12. Jack the Ripper

1888. It is a dark time in London. A prolific killer stalks the dark alleys and quiet streets at night, preying on London’s working girls.

13. Bloody Mary Killer Queen

Bloody Mary, the deadliest daughter of Henry VIII is ruthlessly ridding the country of heretics. Will you escape her blazing anger!

14. Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom

Wait as your sentence is read and your fate decided in the hanging gallows of London Dungeon! Hear the screams of those around you, criminals condemned together, and draw your breath as you are lifted to face your doom!

Discover London | Greenwich

The Royal Borough of Greenwich  is an Inner London borough in south-east London, England. Taking its name from the historic town of Greenwich, the London Borough of Greenwich was formed in 1965 by the amalgamation of the former area of the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich with part of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich to the east. The local authority is Greenwich Borough Council.

Greenwich is world famous as the traditional location of the Prime Meridian, on which all Coordinated Universal Time is based. The Prime Meridian running through Greenwich and the Greenwich Observatory is where the designation Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT began, and on which all world times are based. In 2012, Greenwich was listed as a top ten global destination by Frommer’s – the only UK destination to be listed.

Greenwich is one of six host boroughs for the 2012 London Olympics with events due to be held at the Royal Artillery Barracks (Shooting), Greenwich Park (Equestrianism) and The O2-former Millennium Dome (Gymnastics; Basketball).

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, Greenwich became a Royal Borough on 3 February 2012, due in part to its historic links with the Royal Family, and to its UNESCO World Heritage Site status as home of the Prime Meridian.

Central Greenwich Town contains a UNESCO World Heritage Site centred on Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval College and the Old Royal Observatory.