Fran Reviews | Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band (July 31st, 2012)

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Jazz lovers, music lovers, Hugh appreciators – this is a show you don’t want to miss.

If you are waiting for Gregory House, you will be disappointed. If you are expecting a flamboyant, non-run of the mill jazz session, you’ve got another thing coming. This is jazz meets blues in New Orleans, a pure Buddy Bolden (et al) extravaganza.

The great classics are covered, from ‘Six Cold Feet’ to ‘St. James Infirmary’, and all of these are accompanied by a little story of its origin and who has covered it in the past and all you can think of, courtesy of Mr. Laurie, who proclaims he doesn’t want to come across as a “music nerd”. The band is absolutely bang on, joining Hugh’s piano skills blissfully. I have to say, the band just blew me away. One might even say that they were… ‘Red Hot’? See what I did there?

I wish I could say the venue was packed. It wasn’t – at all, in fact. I have to say that, although it wasn’t full, it certainly felt that way. The audience clapped and clapped for minutes on end at some points, we all sang along and displayed our singing skills when urged to. The venue took a life of its own and suddenly we were all jazz saxophonists, pretending to be Vincent Henry.

Hugh reported, once he had got to Portugal, that Lisbon was a romantic city he yearned to explore. Well, according to the man himself, he did love it. And the love was reciprocate – Portuguese people love him just as much as he loved our capital city.

This is it, folks – the aftermath of the gig. It was magical, it was smokin’. Grab those tickets fast!

(I shall leave you with the video of the aforementioned interview +a picture I took at the concert (I’ve been trying to upload them all but my connection is a tad sluggish today – apologies for that). Also, don’t forget to check my friend’s Tumblr page, who was with me throughout my little adventure and who I absolutely loved to meet for the first time! Good times! –

Taken by yours truly. Give credit where credit is due, pretty please? 🙂



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