Doctor Who | Comic-Con 2012 Live Blog! from digitalspy + Matt tweets?

I will link you to their page, as it is their work and not mine!

I’ll leave you with these teasers…

“More Daleks than you’ve ever seen in one place,” Steven promises for the new season. “It’s ‘wow’. It’s lots and lots and lots of Daleks. It’s what we all see when we close our eyes in our TARDIS-wallpapered bedrooms.” He says there’s “absolutely everything” – comedy, a Western, tragedy – and stuff he’s just not going to reveal. “I don’t think we’ve had a bigger variety of episodes than the ones we’re about to show you,” he says. “It’s truly exciting.”

“What have been the cast’s craziest fan encounters? Matt says they were shooting in Wales once, and when they got in the car there was a lady there who told him he was “an exact replica of her pet hedgehog”. Then she kissed him! Karen reveals the same woman grabbed her and asked if she was Matt’s girlfriend! Arthur says the woman has pictures of Matt and hedgehogs on her wall. “Like that’s going to flatter me!” Matt jokes. “A hedgehog!”

Also, Matt took over @BBCAmerica just for a day? Yesterday we got our amazing Doctor replying to our Twitter questions and making silly remarks about badgers and… lost pants?! Here you have all of Matt’s tweets under @BBCAmerica… (apologies if these aren’t in the right order)

Good morning Twitter. Be bold. M x #MattTweets

P.S. Otters are cool. Me n Arthur went to Sea World yesterday!!!!! With the baby Moffats! – M x #MattTweets

With @karengillan2 & @rattyburvil on the @TVGuideMagazine yacht #MattTweets

P.S. Steven beat me at bowling. And Karen. It was humiliating. Deeply so… – M x #MattTweets

Best villain? – Pinky from Pinky and the Brain!!!!!! – M x #MattTweets

If you’re in love. Buy Carol Ann Duffy. “Rapture” for the one u love. My fave book of poems. – M x #MattTweets

When cooking scrambled eggs…. At the end, add Parmesan cheese. …. Blooming lovely – M x #MattTweets

Very tough call on the footballer. Best player I’ve ever seen? Zidane. Greatest of all time? Maradona!!!! – M z #MattTweets

Thanks for support at TV Guide Fan Faves panel! Who fans ROCK the house!!!!!!!! – M x #MattTweets

@GrantsAbs If I was in a badger filled room. I’d put on some Radiohead & watch Breaking Bad back-to-back w/ my badger friends. M #MattTweets

Who wants to come to the moon with me? I know a guy with a space boat? Lemme know. – M x #MattTweets

Tweeters. Twitter. WHO fans through out the land. Thanks for having me. Over and out. – M x x 😉 #MattTweets


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