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Wow, this was a huge find for me. I am a sucker for Walkers crisps and Jammy Dodgers, but I cannot find them anywhere near my hometown. Whilst searching for yet more curiosities about British foods for a new post of mine, I stumbled across British Corner Shop, an “online British supermarket”, if you will, offering the widest selection of British foods to be delivered far and wide. I am actually planning on buying some stuff from there myself, namely tea (I have to, don’t I?), some pappadums and even some fruitcake, just to ease the pain from being away from the country I love and live for.

British Food Supermarket

You may also get some little gifts and “souvenirs” for yourself, if you wish – they seem to have an array of products related to the Olympics and I believe they still have some from the Jubilee celebrations in stock, so stock up!

I will leave you with the info provided in the website. Please bear in mind that BCS DID NOT PAY ME FOR THIS POST. I just thought it would be a good idea to share with you my amazing find.

British Food Delivered Worldwide

British Corner Shop® is the online supermarket for British Expats. Shop for all your British groceries from our range of 8,000 products. We will deliver your order to your home anywhere in the world. Whether you miss PG Tips or Fray Bentos pies, you can buy all your favourite British food online.

The BCS service is ideal for British people living or working abroad. Many British food items are simply not available to buy in other countries, and are greatly missed. Heinz Baked Beans, Marmite, Cadbury Chocolate and good tea are just a few examples.

International British Supermarket

Our range covers thousands of products, everything you would expect to find in any British supermarket. From Branston Pickle to Walkers Crisps, Twiglets or Pork Scratchings, you can buy all the British brands online, and we will deliver your order to your door with our international delivery service.

We deliver to France, Germany, The Netherlands, The USA, Spain, Australia, or anywhere else you might live. Last year British Corner Shop delivered over half a million products to 129 Countries worldwide. We also deliver to BFPO destinations.

Why Choose BCS?

Excellent customer service is at the heart of our business. As a British supermarket catering for the British Expat community, we understand the need for total confidence when ordering online from abroad. Our testimonials reflect that our customers think of us as the best British Expat shop in the business.

We have been exporting traditional British food since 1999, and have been continually improving our service. At British Corner Shop you can choose from a range of over 8,000 products, shop and pay in different currencies, and save your shopping basket for the next time you visit. We also offer one of the most generous Reward Points schemes of any supermarket.

British Expats

While British Corner Shop was originally conceived for British Expats, our service is equally useful for British Forces or others working abroad. Our supermarket is ideal for anyone who loves and misses British food, but can’t get hold of it where they are in the world. You can also send an order to friends or family living abroad.

Use Our Shipping Optimiser Tool For Best Delivery Value

At British Corner Shop, we have a very easy-to-use tool that will help you get the best delivery value wherever you live in the world.

In your shopping basket, you will see a graphical display that shows you how full your current box is. Make sure the bar is as close to 100% as possible to always get the best deal on shipping costs.

Earn Extra Rewards Points for Writing Product Reviews

Share your thoughts about your favourite products and you’ll earn 50 pence worth of rewards points for every review you write.

To do this simply fill out the form near the bottom of the product page, rate the item out of 5 stars and write your review.


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