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I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to these kinds of rides, that’s for sure, but I’d really like to check this one out. I do have a fascination with everything related to Jack the Ripper… I hope that is not too weird. I just love reading about it! Then again, I love crime fiction… I guess my fascination for the bloody killer comes from my love of books!
Exciting, scary and fun – Delve into the ancient capital’s bloody history at the London Dungeon. We know that when it comes to history – the horrible bits are the best. Experience live actors, dark history, thrilling rides and special effects… are you brave enough to face 90 minutes of London’s goriest past?
Prepare to face the most sinister characters from our past, from serial killer Jack the Ripper, barber Sweeney Todd and regal Bloody Mary. Feel the shadow of the black plague and the fearsome torture chamber.
Plus, with three thrilling rides, there is something for the whole family: Traitors Gate underground boat ride; Vengeance, the UK’s first 5D laser ride and the ever popular Extremis Drop Ride.
Enter the world of The Dungeons and take a journey with twists, turns, screams and laughter – a fun day out, unlike any other.
I don’t own the rights to this video!
The London Dungeon Attraction has London’s most horrible history, brought to life with 14 shows, live actors, special effects and 3 thrilling rides! On your tour you will encounter:

1. The Crypt

The Crypt is the start of your dark trip into the horrible depths of the London Dungeon. Be sure to heed the keeper’s advice…

2. Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Those who dare enter the Labyrinth may wander this way and that, but there is no escape! And worse spirits still haunt this maze of tunnels, will you spot one?

3. The Great Plague

Bring out your dead! It is 1665, and London is in turmoil as the dreaded Black Death lays waste to the population. Walk through the corpse-filled streets as the panic and horror infect all around you!

4. The Great Fire of London

Enter the Great Fire of London rampaging through the city of London, turning everything in its wake to cinders. Travel back to 2nd September, 1666 and experience the burning reality of the day that left 200,000 people destitute!

5. Surgery: Blood & Guts

Hold on to your stomach as you enter the filthy makeshift operating room of Tooley Street’s blundering butcher surgeon, where history’s most horrific blood soaked surgery is performed in graphic, gangrenous detail… on even the most unwilling of patients!

6. The Torture Chamber

London’s torturer always finds a way to get you talking, whether with the hook, the castrator, the jaw breaker, or the creeping agony of the rack. Maybe he’ll  loosen your tongue the hard way, with the tongue-tearer!

7. The Courtroom

It is the middle of the 18th Century and England’s justice system is harsh, unpredictable and frequently lethal. Some 220 offences are punishable by death. Pray the judge has pity on your soul. Your sentencing and fate await you!

8. Bedlam

Face the inmates of one of London’s first asylums: infamous for driving the slightly eccentric to the depths of insanity! Quick, they’re waking up. Move along before you cause bedlam!

9. Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell

In the deepest, darkest depths of London a deadly nightmare awaits, as you travel through the underground tunnels on this ricky boat ride.

10. Sweeney Todd’s Barber

Visit Mrs Lovett’s 1785 pie shop before receiving a short back and sides at the infamous Fleet Street barber shop owned by the demon barber Sweeney Todd.

11. Vengeance

You’re invited to 50 Berkeley Square, the most haunted house in London. Join us as Florence Cook contacts the ghosts who want Vengeance upon YOU!

12. Jack the Ripper

1888. It is a dark time in London. A prolific killer stalks the dark alleys and quiet streets at night, preying on London’s working girls.

13. Bloody Mary Killer Queen

Bloody Mary, the deadliest daughter of Henry VIII is ruthlessly ridding the country of heretics. Will you escape her blazing anger!

14. Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom

Wait as your sentence is read and your fate decided in the hanging gallows of London Dungeon! Hear the screams of those around you, criminals condemned together, and draw your breath as you are lifted to face your doom!


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