Books for Anglophiles | British Chick Lit!

I’m not a fan of this genre, if I am totally honest with you, but I know there are a lot of you out there who do, so I thought I’d post something on the matter. Even though it doesn’t really feel like Summer today, I expect sunny, warmer days to come rather soon. Let’s crack on, shall we?

  • Sophie Kinsella’s books: Sophie Kinsella is a name recognised worldwide thanks to her ‘Shopaholic’ series, including the extremely popular ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ (book #1).

  • Helen Fielding’s ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ + ‘The Edge of Reason’: I’ve only read the first one, but it is deliciously funny and perfect if you want a light, earnest and funny read whilst the kids are out playing.

  • Cecelia Ahern’s books, which include ‘P.S. I Love You’ and ‘Love, Rosie’.

  • Jill Mansell’s books, including ‘Miranda’s Big Mistake’ and ‘Rumor Has It’.

I hope you enjoy your TBR (to be read) books! x


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  1. You could also add Paige Toon to that list. One Perfect Summer is an awesome book. Not sure if she was born here, but she lives here now ( and according to her bio grew up between England, US, and Australia).

  2. Maybe you want a little more substance than chick lit. Check out:

    The Witness: A Novel by Naomi Kryske
    Available from or in softbound or ebook versions

    Central London and Hampstead were the principal settings for the first of a trilogy.
    New Scotland Yard, CO-19, SBS

    No one expected Jennifer Jeffries to survive the physical and emotional trauma she experienced — not the doctors, not the London serial killer who chose her for his seventh victim, not the Scotland Yard detective who desperately needed her to testify against her attacker. No one expected this young, petite Texas to overcome her fears — not her witness protection team nor the tough ex-special-forces sergeant in charge of them. And no one expected her character and courage to blossom — not the defense barristers who sought to discredit her testimony and not even Jenny herself, who had to battle pain and panic to rediscover hope and love.

    This novel portrays the rebuilding of a traumatized life from victim to survivor to victor–each step an important shift in the struggle to regain personal power. Clues for real recovery are revealed from Jenny’s journey through the 1998-99 British law enforcement and legal system and beyond. The first of a trilogy, this crime/suspense novel contains the same psychological intensity as Anna Quindlen’s Black and Blue. Ms. Quindlen’s protagonist endures, but Ms. Kryske’s triumphs. Healing and hope overcome fear and pain.

    The Witness breaks new ground by showing the enduring effects trauma can have on a life and the process victims must undergo to heal, while still being an entertaining and compelling read.

    For more details:

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