Random | Britons’ Favourite Breakfast Choices!

From http://www.fdin.org.uk/2011/01/morrisons-announces-britains-favourite-breakfast/. This news item is quite old, but I thought it was worth sharing!

The traditional British fried breakfast came out on top with eggs as the most popular breakfast food, followed by toast/bread.

Over 47 rashes of bacon and 40 million eggs have been sold by the retailer to date, enough to provide one egg for every adult in the UK, and 7 millions loaves of spread.

Over 179,00 boxes of cornflakes were sold, keeping the cereal in the top five favourite breakfast choices.

While these have been firm favourites for many years, Blueberries have made a surprise entry to the breakfast charts.

The berry is now consumers’ breakfast fruit of choice, beating previous favourites banana and orange when Morrisons reported selling over 1.4 million in the last month.

Drink preferences surprised no one when tea came out on top, followed by orange juice.

The retailer sold over one million boxes of tea, enough to provide a cup for every resident of the UK, and 929,00 litres of orange juice.


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