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Meerkat fever has swept Britain ever since the ‘Compare the Meerkat’ adverts starting showing on the telly.

Meet Aleksandr Orlov, the founder of and citizen of Meerkovo + Sergei, Head of IT and Head of Tea… Aleksandr’s tea.

This ads have been airing in the UK for quite a few months now (maybe a year? I am not sure), and they’re basically appeals for you to get certain types of insurance.

You might be wondering… What makes this commercial so different to others? Well, their accents, for a start, are just hilarious, and I don’t mean to offend anyone! It sounds Russian with a hint of something I cannot, for the life of me, detect. The simple image of any of the Meerkats talking to you in poor English about ‘cheap car insurance’, to quote the cheeky mammals, is just hilarious. I will post some of the ads so that you can grasp that spec of absolute brilliance they have going on. It’s simply delightful.

What is really fascinating is that the whole of Britain seems to be obsessed with meerkats. There are meerkat stuffed toys everywhere, meerkat birthday cards, even meerkat t-shirts! Well, if you get insurance through their website, you get a stuffed toy, but seeing as I am not here to publicise anything other than my beliefs and tastes, I thought I’d present you with other options in order to go with the flow and join the ride… SIMPLES!

Just to be safe, I want to make it crystal clear that I am not affiliated with in any way, shape or form. I haven’t received any money to write this post.

14" Dressed Meerkat Soft Toy

A Simples Life: The Life and Times of Aleksandr OrlovQUIPS AND QUOTES TSHIRTS (MEERKAT MUGSHOT) colour WHITE size LARGE


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