Doctor Who | Your Top 10 Doctor Who Companions [DoctorWhoTV]

Here are the results of the poll conducted by DoctorWhoTV to find out Whovian’s Top 10 Companions! Let me know in the comments below whether you agree or not!

Let me just add that it is a shame that they only focused on the new series… What about Sarah Jane (companion to the 3rd and 4th Doctors, not counting the time she was with 10 in ‘School Reunion’ and the ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ episodes with both 10 and 11), Ace (companion to the 7th Doctor), Tegan (companion to the 5th Doctor) or Leela (companion to the 4th Doctor)? It is disgraceful to see such amazing sidekicks out of the possible answers… Oh well.

10. Adam Mitchell (0,30%)

9. Mickey Smith (0,7%)

8. Martha Jones (3,23%)

7. Sarah Jane Smith (8,87%) – I seriously do not agree with this percentage at all!

6. Rory Williams (9,2%) – I think Rory deserves more than 9,2%! He’s awesome!

5. Captain Jack (10,62%)

4. Rose Tyler (11,63%)

3. River Song (15,97%)

2. Amy Pond (17,57%)

1. Donna Noble (21,81%) – Fair enough. I knew it would be a tie between Amy and Donna.



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  1. Donna wins!
    She’s my favorite too. She’s the most entertaining, sure. But she also challenged the Doctor in ways we haven’t quite seen yet. Tegan had some of the same complaints about the Doctor that Donna had, but left him instead of challenging him.

    The Doctor fell in love with Rose (which was justified in the context of the entire franchise, I would argue) but truly became friends with Donna in a deeper way than he ever had before. Romana was his friend, being a Time Lady, but Donna became his equal in a time when he had no equals.

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