Irish Slang

bags (n) – A botched job (also see “hames”)

Eg: That guy made a right bags of me corned beef and cabbage.

Bowsie(n)- Person (esp. male) of very disreputable character. A useless good-for-nothing?

Eg:Hey, that Bowsie totally just cut me in the bathroom line.

Bollixed (adj) (see fluthered, gee-eyed, rat-arsed) – Somewhat in excess of the legal alcohol driving limit.

Eg:I think thats my last Baileys dude. I am way bollixed

Chisseler (n) – young child

I cant believe Snooky has a chisseler on the way.

Cute hoor (n) – suspiciously resourceful gentleman

Eg:Speaking from his villa in the Alps, the cute hoor denied making any payments to politicna for favorable contracts.

Donkeys years (n) – Inordrdinately long amount of time. An epoch. A time memorial.

Eg:I haven’t marched in a parade in donkey’s years.

Fanny (n) – Females genitals

(Not a woman’s rear as usually assumed. Take note)

Flahulach (adj) (pronounced Flah-hule-uck) – generous

Eg: Wow. You left a tip. You must be feeling rather flaulach today.

Gaff (n) – Home. Place of residence.

Eg: Thats some pretty fancy gaff you got there with that yard and those trees.

Ganky (n) – repulsive, ugly

Eg: This green corned beef is rather ganky.

Gollier (n)- A mass of phglem expelled from mouth at high speed.

Eg: Watch it man! You just got a gollier in my beer.

Gurrier (n) – Hooligan. Ruffian. Delinquent.

Eg: Hey I think I’ve spotted the Gurrier who ran off with my kids shamrock balloon.

(adj) – Thoroughly packed.

Eg: Wow! O’Reillys is heavin’ tonight.

Hockeyed (v) – heavily deafeted

Eg:Is it me or are the New Jersey Nets hockeyed every night?

Hop (v) – Play truant from school.

Eg: Lets go the hop and see the parade in the city?

Jacks (n) – toilet, restroom

Eg: C’mon man hurry up. You’re not the only one who has to use the jacks pal.

Jo Maxi (n) – cab

Eg: I think you’re pretty bollixed. I’m calling you a Jo Maxi.

Me oul’ segotia (expression) – Term of endearment. My old flower.

Eg: I’ll see you at the parade with me oul’ segotia.

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  1. eejit. n. stupid person

    feck. n. exclamation of annoyance or surprise, [no stronger than bloody] adj. feckin’

    e.g. Would you look at Jedward… pair of daft, feckin’ eejits.

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