‘The Woman In Black’ | Review

After a rather exhausting and tiring week, my mother and myself decided it was about time we went to the pictures and had a lil’ fun. After checking our local theatres and the films being shown, we managed to narrow our choices down to two potentially must-sees: ‘War Horse’ and ‘A Woman In Black’. Seeing that I love Cumberbatch and his work and that I was bound to see the film anyway (my mother being a fellow Cumberbitch – uh oh, I said it!), we decided we might as well go for the latter – we were both in the mood to see a good horror film.

I’ll try not to go into much detail in case you want to see it, but I thought it only fair that I actually reviewed the film. It was INCREDIBLY good. The way they shot it, the camera angles, the lens they used were downright perfect. The different sets were spine-chilling (as was The Woman In Black – yep, there is one – but more on that later). The usage of different kinds of ancient toys, together with their ghastly chimes was a touch of genius. Porcelain dolls and musical clowns scare the hell out of me, if you’ll pardon my French.

I’m no stranger to horror, and I do like that mighty sense of terror that scatters throughout your temples as if it is actually happening to you. However, I was truly scared – the figure of the Woman, ever so ominent, did send chills down my spine. The dark scenarios, the ‘poor’ lighting, it all contributed to a fine, fine sense of mystery. Daniel Radcliffe’s performance was spot on – I got no ‘Harry’ from him. His brilliant acting skills greatly aided the film to achieve a dark sense of what lies behind lies and deception.



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