British Habits and Traditions | The Benefits of Drinking Tea

If you’re somebody who worships the UK, then you’ll definitely know that there’s nothing like a good cuppa no matter what time it is. Recently, researchers found out that tea is actually healthier than water, which came as a shock to many but as a victory to every tea lover out there.

I thought it would be better to present the advantages of drinking tea in note form, as follows.

  • polyphenol antioxidants, found in tea, actually prevent cell damage (such as cancer)
  • three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack
  • it offers protection against tooth plaque + tooth decay
  • it is bone strengthening
  • tea is extremely hydrating (as most of it is water!)

Experts believe that 3 – 4 cups of tea a day is ideal, so here’s my question for you guys: how many cuppas do you have a day?




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  1. Great post ! I love tea and drink at least 3 cups a days. Tea is simply liquid happiness. Now I will know what to answer to people asking me “Why do you drink so much tea? And is t healthy to do so ?” and so on.

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