Let’s Dance for Sport Relief 2012 | Episode 3

They might have been able to call in a favour from their celebrity pal David Hasselhoff, but even that wasn’t enough to put Scott Mills and Olly Murs through to the live finals of Let’s Dance For Sport Relief.

The pair lost out on a place in the live final when judges Tim Minchin, Katy Brand and Ed Byrne opted to send comedian Omid Djalili through instead.

The duo had earlier performed a choreographed routine to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, and earned themselves screams from the audience when they revealed their special guest – in the form of Hasselhoff, who joined the boys for the final move.

Even the Hoff couldn't save them! Olly Murs and Scott Mills failed to make it through to the final of Let's Dance For Sport Relief - despite their special guest

Even the Hoff couldn’t save them! Olly Murs and Scott Mills failed to make it through to the final of Let’s Dance For Sport Relief – despite their special guest

While Olly looked more than competent on the stage, delighting the live audience and TV viewers with his hip wiggling and running man moves, Scott appeared to find the routine slightly more challenging.

Afterwards, Olly said: ‘I loved it, love it. Thanks to David for coming on too!’ And Scott added: ‘That was the weirdest two minutes of my life!’

Following the performance, judge Tim Minchin said: ‘I’m really impressed Olly that you had the guts to come on and dance with Scott – I’m surprised you managed to keep up!

 ‘And then to bring Knight Rider on wearing a piece of kit on his head was a spectacular thing. I can’t imagine anything being better than that ever.’

Katy Brand said: ‘ I think the Hoff has got the X Factor – if only I had a  buzzer. I thought there was just enough good steps to enthusiastic jumping. And Scott you did most of the steps so well done.

And Ed Byrne was booed by the audience when he said: ‘David Hasselhoff, were you actually invited to be on this show? It was a great.

See you in the final! Omid was congratulated by Let's Dance presenter Alex Jones after going through

‘One of you was a better dancer than the other and Olly I think it was your duty to take your talent down a notch. I think it was very rude of you to show Scott up for the stumbling man that he is.’

Next up was comedienne and writer Arabella Weir, who joked about her resemblance to Kylie Minogue before performing the Australian singer’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

Wearing the pint-sized star’s famous white catsuit – complete with plunging top and thigh-high splits on each leg, Arabella kept a straight head as she performed the routine.

'Gobsmacked!' Outnumbered's Tyger Drew-Honey and Tracy Beaker Returns' Dani Harmer won the show after their routine to Fat Sam's Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone‘Gobsmacked!’ Outnumbered’s Tyger Drew-Honey and Tracy Beaker Returns’ Dani Harmer won the show after their routine to Fat Sam’s Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone

Animated: The duo certainly appeared to be enjoying their energetic routine, which they performed again to close the show 

  Arabella, who was cheered on by David Tennant in the audience, had been doing incredibly well until about halfway through when she appeared to forget some of the moves.

Afterwards, Timsaid: ‘I’m awestruck by you and I didn’t notice you missed a bit but now you’ve told me that we should probably score you down. You look amazing in that outfit – I just want to use it as a sheet. Thank you for making my life better.’

Katy said: ‘I think she was great and I always like to see a woman enjoying her own legs. I think you’ve down wonders with that dressing gown.

 ‘And can I just say from one woman to another your bum looks amazing in that!’
Showing off his moves: Omid delighted the audience with some hip wiggling during the routine

And Ed said: ‘I’d like to be honest about how I felt but I know my wife is watching! And those moves were very tightly choreographed and very difficult so well done.’

Next up was Outnumbered’s Tyger Drew-Honey with Tracy Beaker Returns’ Dani Harmer, dancing to Fat Sam’s Grand Slam from iconic movie Bugsy Malone.

Tim kicked off the comments, by saying: ‘It’s disgusting you can be so young and so good at stuff!’

Katy added: ‘That was a proper old school, showbiz, full-on performance. I think you make a lovely couple and I think you should be together and get married.

Is that you, Kylie? Arabella Weir wore a white catsuit to parody Miss Minogue and Can't Get You Out Of My Head 

‘And I think from the pair of you will be the future of British television.’

Ed concluded by saying: ‘Three words, West End hit. It was brilliant, great. The only thing I was disappointed with was that there wasn’t a bigger custard pie fight at the end!’

Kirsten O’Brien was up next, getting some coaching from Lionel Blair before dancing to Van Halen’s Jump.

Wearing a bright blue catsuit, Kirsten performed an energetic routine complete with high kicks, back flips and trampoline stunts.

After the routine, Kirsten said: ‘Having just given birth 10 weeks ago, I’m just pleased I’m still in tact!’

Tim said: ‘You look amazing and I’m really impressed, and I’d like to spend some more time with you!’

Rocking out! Kirsten O'Brien managed an incredible routine to Van Halen's Jump, despite having given birth just 10 weeks agoRocking out! Kirsten O’Brien managed an incredible routine to Van Halen’s Jump, despite having given birth just 10 weeks ago


Katy added: ‘I’ve always wanted to know what it was like backstage at CBBC and I feel like now I have an insight.

‘And I can’t believe you did the splits having given birth 10 weeks ago.’

Ed concluded: ‘The best thing was the air guitaring – it was amazing!’

Last to perform was comedian and actor Djalili, dancing to a mash-up of Singin’ In The Rain and Fight The Power.

Tim said: ‘As always, Omid works on so many levels. The symbolism throughout the routine was amazing…’

The show’s judges, Tim Minchin, Katy Brand and Ed Byrne

 Katy added: ‘That was very much dancing for people who can’t be bothered to watch the news.’

And Ed finished off by saying: ‘It was brave and insightful and beautiful!’

Tonight’s show also saw performances from Chris Isaak, who sang Great Balls Of Fire from his new album, and Tinchy Stryder and Pixie Lott, who sang their new single Bright Lights.

Before the results were announced, presenter Alex Jones spoke to the contestants’ famiyl and friends, with David Tennant admitting he had lived with Arabella ‘as her lodger for five years’.

Beautiful in blue: Pixie Lott also took to the stage to perform with Tinchy Stryder 

Belting it out: The duo sang their Sport Relief track Bright Lights

He said: ‘I’m and well and truly gobsmacked by that tonight. There was a lot of live singing in the kitchen, but nothing that.’

And Kirsten’s husband Mark said of her performance: ‘I’m so so proud. There’s a lot of rehearsal at home but I’m so proud, she did incredibly well.’

The first act sent home was Kirsten, before Arabella quickly followed. Dani and Tyler were then told then had earned themselves a place in the live final on March 17th, before the judges had to decided whether Scott and Olly and Omid should take the second place.

Ed decided to send Omid through, with Tim then opted for the comedian, putting him straight through to the final.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2109778/Lets-Dance-For-Sport-Relief-2012-Olly-Murs-Scott-Mills-dont-make-final-face-Omid-Djalili.html?ito=feeds-newsxml (abridged)


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