TARDISES and Doctor Who TLC

Absurdly Nerdly

TARDIS Candy Jar. Honestly, this is pretty awesome. I love the look and functionality of the geeky item. It is also subtle in its geekyness, which I can appreciate.

Unlike this TARDIS over load, not so subtle. While I appreciate the dedication of this collector, the only thing I ever collected was socks and once they got holes in them, I threw them away. So, I’m not the best person to understand this type of display. About the sock thing, don’t ask.

OK. If you must know, I worked at a place which had an ugly uniform and the only thing that we could wear differently was our socks. My favorite were a pair of Tigger socks. I was Being Boothe, before there was a Boothe.

If my iShuffle still worked and hadn’t gotten tea spilled on it some how (<.<_>.>) I would think about making some of…

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