‘Secret Smile’ | Review

‘Secret Smile’ is an ITV two part drama about Miranda Cotton (Kate Ashfield)’s troubled life after she met a sexy yet manipulative Brendan Block (David Tennant) and all the obstacles she had to overcome. The story begins with a happy Miranda who, whilst ice skating, finds herself physically drawn to a complete stranger, Brendan, with whom ends up spending the night with… and getting into a relationship with. Albeit a bit pushy and perhaps just a tad manipulative, she seems to reckon, he pays attention to all her needs…
Soon enough, Brendan’s character becomes apparent through when he, for example, takes the liberty to “borrow” a set of keys to her girlfriend’s apartment. His true colours revealed, Miranda promptly brings the relationship to a halt and is left to deal with the consequences…
I recall mentioning that Peter Carlisle was one of David’s sexiest characters… Well, Brendan Block certainly gets the cookie for sexiest baddie… and is, perhaps, David’s sexiest character and performance. His witty speeches about relationships ‘as leaps of faith’ and his manipulative schemes show David at his best – how this sweet, friendly guy was able to convey repressed angst, mischievous states of mind and a burning desire for revenge is anyone’s guess. Only a talented actor like himself can put a character like Brendan off… And he did it with top marks.
Whether Brendan got what he deserved or not, the ending is just spectacular… I didn’t see that one coming (I read the book a few months later… This television adaptation remains loyal to the plot and contains all milestones which is, funnily enough, rare these days). In short, I definitely recommend watching it… But you already know that.

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