London Fashion Week 2012 | The Essentials (Last 12)

Here’s the last 12 essential items as promised. x

13. Natural nails (I am all for that, even though I love bright, colourful nail polishes)

14. Heavy beads, rich patterns, jewel colours (think Seventies!)

15. Peplums (I actually had no idea of what those were until I saw the pictures. Oopsies!)

16. Natural looking makeup (that’s how I do my makeup every morning – with neutral, earthy tones. My eyes are on trend!)

17. Rainbow stripes (Please, don’t overdo it! A nice knitted sweater is fine, but not rainbow pants!)

18. Slouchy suits (I quite like suits that feel comfortable and that are not your typical three-piece)

19. Tangerine (not my favourite colour, I have to say)

20. Sea-inspired garments (think pearls, bubbles, shorts!)

21. Vintage (hits some hip and trendy vintage shops or, if on a budget, go to the nearest charity shop)

22. Whimsical garments (think Marina and the Diamonds!)

23. Extreme hair colours (fun, fun, fun! Just make sure your roots are covered!)

24. Yellow dresses (I don’t think those flatter every body type out there, but oh well)

25. “Fuse feminine luxe with a boyish insouciance” (whatever that means)

Thank you to for the list of the LFW Essentials!

And, just for the record… This is a peplum.


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