London Fashion Week 2012 | The Essentials (First 13)

It’s that time of the year again! It’s Fashion Week, baby!

I confess to not being a big fashion buff, but I do like to keep in touch with the fashionista in me – however, I don’t pay any attention whatsoever to any Fashion Week but London’s because, let’s face it… the best garments and accessories can always be found there.

Without further ago, I present you with some of the essentials for this season… Are you ready?

  1. Appliques! Forget about bland, matte sweaters. Embelishments are high this season.
  2. Strong brows – keep tweezers away from you. Well,… sorta.
  3. Crop tops and mettalics – maybe not at once.
  4. Metallic gold-leaf eyeshadows + (my personal favourite) red lipstick!
  5. Ripped and frayed denim – not sure I agree.
  6. Fairytale-like dresses – that’s more like it. Just don’t overdo it!
  7. Art Deco derived motifs – I love Art Deco, so I guess I’d actually splurge on a few items (except I’m skint!)
  8. Florals – not a big fan, but meh, they’ll do.
  9. Pastels – I love a nice pastel-coloured dress.
  10. Jacquards – these fit pear-shaped bodies to a tee.
  11. Ahtletic physiques – I’m out.
  12. Sporty clothes – hooray!
  13. Monochrome – I love black and white, so kudos for that.

I’ll be posting the following (and last) 13 essentials soon, so keep posted! x


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Fran. 20. Anglophile. Daydreamer. English Literature Student.

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