How did Sherlock fake his own death? | The Reichenbach Fall

Right, here we go. I’ve been meaning to write this post for such a long time, but a) I didn’t have a platform that I liked enough to even bother and b) this actually took a while to solve (for me, at least – I’m no consulting detective). As you can see, I have included a video of the ending so you can watch it and help me deduce how on Earth Mr. Holmes escaped his own death. Elementary enough? I don’t think so. But here we go.

Moriarty commits suicide – Sherlock is evidently surprised by this (or isn’t he?). There’s a sniper. John arrives. Mrs. Hudson is giving a cuppa to somebody who has a gun with a silencer – who the hell is he? Lestrade seems to know something, hence the hurried phonecall, which seems to indicate that they all know what Sherlock is about to do. Now, earlier in the episode Sherlock asked for Molly’s help, which leads me to believe that she is involved as well – I believe she took Sherlock’s blood and then used it to look like Sherlock was bleeding when he jumped off the building. How she made it there, I have no idea. You can see what it looks like a hole in Sherlock’s neck when he appears in the graveyard.

“Molly, I think I’m going to die.”
“What do you need?”
“If I wasn’t everything that you think I am, everything that I think I am, would you still want to help me?”
“What do you need?”

Now, moving on: John couldn’t possibly see Sherlock falling because he had the front part of the building blocking his view. Sherlock says that everything that has been said about him is true, which is a mere diversion – he is simply trying to distract John whilst his plan is being executed. He tells John to tell Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Molly – people who know what his plan is, as stated already.

“Keep your eyes fixed on me!” (Sherlock)

Obviously, something’s amiss. And isn’t Sherlock’s phone Moriarty’s? I am not sure about that. What do you think?

There was a truck on the road, and who the hell is that cyclist? John falls, knocked down by the cyclist – obviously, he has something to do with this. The truck goes away now, leaving Sherlock’s body on the ground, covered in blood – could Molly be inside that truck with the blood? Did Molly inject something that would make Sherlock look dead? Did Sherlock fall right on top of  the truck? People gather around the body: John gets his bearings and walks to meet the seemingly dead body.

What do you guys think? How did he pull it off? x


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