On Doctor Who Series 7…

Doctor Who is my all-time favourite TV show. I’ve been hooked on the adventures of the 900 and odd year time traveller since 2008 (shame on me, I know. I should’ve known better than to only check it out then), so that’s 4 years addicted to a television show.

The Doctor is the most amazing character I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. He’s smart, stoic, witty, selfess (but oh so selfish when he has to), brave, intelligent, pretty much all adjectives you can think of.

But enough about my relationship with the show – let’s get onto Series 7!

As we Whovians know, this series will be Amy and Rory’s last. I know that I, for one, will be devastated, but then again… I was devastated when all the other companions left, and especially when the 9th and 10th Doctors regenerated… Lordy lord, it is really hard to see these characters you grow up with go. But still, the show must go on (pardon the pun).

Anyways, and according to TARDIS Index File, the series will have fourteen episodes (plausibly 13 episodes + Christmas Special, as per usual) and it was recently confirmed that the 7th series will see episodes penned by Chris Chibnall, Toby Whithouse, Steven Moffat (allegedly 5 episodes, including the Christmas Special), Mark Gatiss and John Fay (Torchwood).

There have been some rumours (I believe they have been confirmed now) that part of the series, probably one episode or so, is going to be filmed in Spain (and that Rob Cavazos will be part of those episodes playing Walter). So a lot of interesting stuff is ahead of us, Doctor Who nerds!

Read what the Moff has to say about the new series…

Okay, here it is – the best answer you can have. I don’t know. If I did know, I wouldn’t tell you. When I DO know, what I know will change, so I won’t really know then either. And then it will change again, so I still won’t really know. And if, secretly, I’d really known all along, I’d still be telling you I don’t know, because everything I said I knew, could be wrong, so I’d never really have known in the first place.


Apparently, the new series will air in Autumn 2012.



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