‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ Review

For a fortnight after it originally aired, ‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ was just a name, another one of those highly anticipated BBC4 productions I still had to bring myself to watch. However, when I first laid eyes on the trailer (after it aired) and saw that Karen was portraying Jean, I just knew I had to watch it.

The 2012 BBC4 movie begins with the premise of a new age, in which a whole new generation is blossoming, and very promisingly so.  The age of the Beatles, of freedom of speech and, indeed, of Jean and Bailey are about to become key to the swinging Sixties.

Jean is still trying to figure out who she is. She is, one could say, a bit confused about her place in the world. She is beautiful, she is exquisite, but she doesn’t know that yet. Bailey, on the other hand, can see right through her, relishing the sparkle of brilliance that she seems to exude, albeit unknowingly. Hand in hand, the duo set to conquer the fashion and photography world, even if that means have to tear down old-fashioned walls and ideas that no longer apply to the new era. Their take on fashion is fresh, young, invigorating, more so than Jean imagines, even though Bailey seems to be aware of the impact of their work.

The plot is very sweet and very life-like, as you could only expect from a true story, and the way they made their way through the world is very fascinating and, why not, inspiring. The soundtrack that accompanies the several scenes is exquisite, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to The Beatles, a jazz/pop fusion that happens to be right up my street.

Performance wise, I have nothing to add. They’re exquisite, verging on, if not, perfect. Both main actors excel.

I give this brilliant piece of work ★★★★★.


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