1960’s Fashion

I am rather obsessed by 60’s fashion, and I am not a fashion buff, not in the slightest. However, I find the way girls did their makeup and dressed accordingly to their body types to be expectional. The cut crease, the dark liner, the high-arched brows, the matte complexion, the dresses, the hair! It’s all perfect and oh, so me.

I have to say that from all sixties models, my favourite one, and the one that best embodied the pointers above was Jean Shrimpton. Her work with David Bailey is incredible. I wish we had somebody like her in the current fashion world… It all feels so empty, so deserted and so sad without Jean. I’m just a pointless nostalgic, I guess, but I do love her.

Bailey’s photography was so cutting edge at the time, all edgy and pushing the boundaries of what was accepted – his vision was different, new, fresh, young, way ahead of his time. With Jean by his side, he set to conquer the world, and that he did, through his photography. Jean and David remain one of the most charismatics duos of all time in my book.

If you love Sixties fashion and Jean/David in particular, I suggest you check out ‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ (BBC4), starring Karen Gillan (Amy Pond in Doctor Who) as Jean and Aneurin Barnard as David. Here’s a link to the BBC4 page.

I’ll leave you with some of his&her work… Enjoy.



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  1. Peter Freeman

    Only a couple of tiny carps in an otherwise deeply engaging human interest story, though how much of it is accurate is open to conjecture: a view upward from under the Radio City Music Hall canopy revealed a type of CCTV camera which did not exist in the 60s, and neither did faxes mentioned by Larry Schwartz in the script (they came into use in about 1987 if memory serves me correctly). Balanced against that it was bafflingly ingenious that Tower Bridge was used as a backdrop in two sequences without the surrounding buildings which have sprung up since the 60s. Acting and direction were superb; the ugly jazz occasionally intrusively loud, obscuring the dialogue.

    • Thank you for that impressive comment. I thoroughly enjoying dissecting it.

    • Agree the acting was superb. Karen Gillan is so under-rated and should be commended for this superb piece of work. Aneurin Barnard too was excellent. One correction Peter; telefax as mentioned was around in the 60’s albeit not a facsimile machine as we know it today. It used a different scanning technique but still sent images by telegraphy. Jim Mennie Aberdeen

      • Thank you so, so much for yet another amazing comment. I do agree that Karen is extremely underrated.

      • Peter Freeman

        Thanks. I never heard of that and was born in 1947. How did it work? What was the procedure for sending and receiving and by what method? Were there individual telephone numbers like today or what?

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