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If you’re going to the UK, what do you need to carry with you in your bag?

I thought I’d post this, ’cause a lot of people ask me about it every time I mention travelling to the UK. You do need some essentials, specially if you are going to walk around a big, big city like London. Here are my essentials!

Please bear in mind that I won’t be covering the obvious items, like cameras, ID, etc. I may mentioned one or two, though, knowing me.

  1. A Tube map – yes, it’s a cliché, but a must nonetheless. ALWAYS carry a Tube map with you, ’cause you never know when you want to go somewhere on a whim, or because you want to meet some friends outside your ‘comfort zone’!
  2. An umbrella – pretty self-explanatory. It rains a lot in the UK – better safe than sorry! Quick tip: If you want to look like a true Brit, don’t buy those Union Flag ones, no matter how cute they are!
  3. Hand sanitiser – you are bound to travel by tube, bus or whatever, and you don’t want to catch any disease! Every time you get out of public transportation, make sure you sanitise your hands (or any areas that were in contact with any surface inside the transport)
  4. Money – I know, I know, that sounds so incredibly obvious, but some people only carry their credit cards, which I think is a mistake. Carry some change around with you – you never know when you’ll need some!
  5. A bag inside your bag! It’s ideal when you’re visiting flea markets (think Portobello Road) and/or awesome shops, or even if you want to pop to Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s to buy those blueberry muffins you love so much (Sainsbury’s blueberry muffins are to die for). And it’s ecological, too!
  6. A bottle of water – When doing a lot of sightseeing, make sure you keep your body hydrated! (see? It’s obvious, and I still mention it. Twat!)
  7. Hand cream and vaseline – The weather tends to be quite harsh, so make sure you carry some hand cream around with you to moisturise your hands. The same applies to vaseline – keep your lips moist! You don’t want them chapped.
  8. Some to entertain you when travelling by public transportation – a book, your Kindle, your iPod, you name it.
  9. Gloves and a scarf, you don’t have ’em on already. It’s bound to be chilly in the mornings and evenings.
  10. A hair elastic, you something similar to it – your hair will thank you. The wind will just make you look like you’re having a bad hair day.
  11. Shades – if it is snowing outside, it’s advisable for you to wear them, just to make sure you don’t burn your skin.
  12. Waterproof mascara – if it is raining, you’ll be thankful!

I hope you find this helpful!

-Fran x

The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

A Year In Cinema

Directed By: Terence Davies

Starring: Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston, Simon Russell Beale

Synopsis: The wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot.

My Reaction: Following the downward spiral of Hester Collyer (Weisz) as she begins a torrid, yet emotionally draining, affair with a young Royal Air Force pilot, and struggles to divorce her husband, William (Beale) a British Judge who has no intention of giving her up easily. Collyer begins to spiral out of control as she tries to manipulate her lover, Freddie, to stay with her, although he wants to leave after learning she wished to commit suicide because of him.

Weisz’s portrayal of the clearly confused Collyer, comes off at times as more manic than anything else. I found it hard to believe her attraction to either of these men. Her husband is much older and lacks a genuine passion for her…

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TARDISES and Doctor Who TLC

Absurdly Nerdly

TARDIS Candy Jar. Honestly, this is pretty awesome. I love the look and functionality of the geeky item. It is also subtle in its geekyness, which I can appreciate.

Unlike this TARDIS over load, not so subtle. While I appreciate the dedication of this collector, the only thing I ever collected was socks and once they got holes in them, I threw them away. So, I’m not the best person to understand this type of display. About the sock thing, don’t ask.

OK. If you must know, I worked at a place which had an ugly uniform and the only thing that we could wear differently was our socks. My favorite were a pair of Tigger socks. I was Being Boothe, before there was a Boothe.

If my iShuffle still worked and hadn’t gotten tea spilled on it some how (<.<_>.>) I would think about making some of…

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Matt Smith on Top Gear [Fastest Doctor Ever!]

The ‘I Believe In Sherlock’ Appreciation Post

Beauty Reviews and Things...

So, here is a few bits and pieces I’ve accumilated over the last couple of weeks. They are only little things but I still thought them worth sharing with you all and seeing what you think.  The majority of the haul is stuff I’ve picked up from Superdrug over the last few weeks and then I also have a few bits from H&M and Topshop  too.

So first up, a few little bits from Superdrug, including their own brand acetone free nail polish remover and dry shampoo in ‘heart on your sleeve’. I haven’t used the polish remover yet but after hearing rave reviews about their dry shampoo I’ve found myself pretty disappointed with that. Although the smell of this one is really nice, I found that it left my hair looking more greasy than before I put it in. Perhaps I used it wrong so I will give it…

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Tree Fu Tom | David Tennant Interview

Books Recs for Anglophiles [Doctor Who] | ‘The End of Ten’, by Stephen James Walker

I have to tell you guys, I LOVE this collection. It is entitled ‘Back to the Vortex – The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who’, and it basicallyconsists of several reviews written from Whovians around the world and includes plot summaries, cast and crew lists, the multiple uses of the sonic screwdriver, etc. In a nutshell, this collection is absolutely amazing. I already own the first 4 ones, ‘Back To The Vortex’ (Series 1) ‘Second Coming’ (Series 2), ‘Third Dimension’ (Series 4) and ‘Monsters Within’ (Series 4). I still have to read this one, though. I have a feeling I will get Ten withdrawal symptoms… as always.
End of Ten is the comprehensive guide to the Doctor Who specials transmitted at the end of 2008 and through 2009, culminating in the dramatic regeneration of the tenth Doctor (David Tennant) into the eleventh (Matt Smith) on 1 January 2010.
All five specials are covered, along with the associated major news stories, press releases, casting announcements and critical response to the episodes. The return of the Cybermen and their CyberKing; a desolate sandy planet that hides a deadly secret; a Martian life form that can infect with just one drop of water; and the return of the Master (John Simm) in a climactic battle of wills.
The book also details the animated story ‘Dreamland’ and all other significant events that occurred in the Doctor Who world during this period, presenting all the facts and figures, behind-the-scenes details, press reaction and detailed and insightful analysis.
End of Ten is an essential read for all fans of the show, and continues Telos’s unrivalled coverage of Doctor Who.

Treat Yourself | Yankee Candles [‘British’ Scents]

Yankee Direct is an authorised Yankee Candle retailer and is part of “The Yankee Store” chain of Yankee Candle dedicated stores located throughout the North of Ireland. As a group we are currently one of thelargest Yankee Candle retailers in UK. It is our aim to provide our customers with excellent customer service, AMAZING offers and an unbelievable shopping experience!

We are proud to announce that we won the “Yankee Candle Retail Initative 2010” which was awarded by Yankee Candle Europe to our Newry Branch for Outstanding customer service and Retail initatives, an achievement of which we are very proud. We have also recently opened our brand new “Yankee Store” located in Newtownards Shopping Centre, Northern Ireland. Below is a photo of our Newtownards store….

If you would like to contact us, please fill out an online enquiry form under our “contact us” icon or alternatively contact us at


It comes as no surprise that I am a huge Yankee Candle fan. Contrary to popular belief, these babies are actually made in the UK! I like most of their scents, but some strike me as being particularly British, such as the ‘smell of rain’ (well, really) and mulled wine.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Mandarin Cranberry | It’s Christmas in a candle! It smells of orange, spices and cranberry. It smells like mulled wine mixed with gravy. It’s to die for!

Garden Sweet Pea | It smells just like the countryside… One of my favourites to lit up on one of those gloomy evenings, whilst reading a good book and sipping tea out of a vintage cup.

Cinnamon Stick |If you love cinnamon, you can’t go wrong with this. It reminds me of autumn, of Christmas, of pancake day, of lovely apple pies. A must.

Macintosh Spice | Apple pie. Enough said.

Apple Cider | That’s pretty explanatory.

Cranberry Chutney | Yum, yum.

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts, I wouldn’t mind posting some more of these. Leave a comment below, if you want. xx






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